The perfect Native Gin and tonic

Native Gin is botanically rich and expertly balanced during the distilling process so that it pairs flawlessly with just a few ingredients for the perfect, no-fuss G&T right at home. Read on to find out how best to enjoy a Native G&T!

For the perfect Native G&T, you’ll need:

-For the perfect Native G&T, you’ll need:

-1 single tot of Native Gin 

-Tonic water


-A slice of lime 

-Basil leaf


Fill a chilled tumbler with ice and pour out excess water. Pour Native over ice and top up with tonic. Garnish with a slice of lime and a fresh basil leaf. Stir and enjoy!

*Pro-tip: Use a glass with a wide opening, like a whiskey or wine glass so you can better enjoy the full fragrant bouquet of botanicals in the gin!

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